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19% of the Ukrainian men discharge as the most significant the sincere qualities of the Ukrainian women, and 17% - her role in the family. Among the sincere features (fidelity, reliability, careness, keenness, ability to love) prevails the fidelity (how not to quote Pushkin’s Tatyana). Some characteristic examples: "Our fine girlfriends will be... a true bail to us, to muzhiks of Ukraine"; " besides, the Ukrainian women are known to be very devoted and the family, as a rule, is inseparable".

The group of qualities "a role in a family" form those which are represent a woman as the wife, a mother and a family basis. Among them the most significant for men (more than 60 %), is an idea of a woman as a wife and only hardly more then 10% is allot to the quality of maternity in the analyzed contexts "women from Ukraine is the most popular brides in the world", "Ukrainian brides combine numerous qualities which serves to create a perfect family, even not realizing the purpose to be a friend, a faithful wife and a loving mother").

The external beauty concedes a little to dominating characteristics (but the spiritual beauty is much more significant). The men notice, that Ukrainian and Russian women are beautiful (39 % of contexts), are even lovely (25 %), are charming (25 %), they look after themselves properly and dress with care (17 %). The importance of women for Ukraine (14 %) underlines their exclusive role in history and culture of Ukraine. In some cases it is emphasized that exactly the Ukrainian woman reflects a Ukrainian phenomenon and the riches of a genofund ("This is a combination of a rich natural genofund, as in blood of any person who was born in any place of huge commonwealth, no matter if it is Kiev or Vladivostok" ). The exclusiveness of the Ukrainian woman is marked by about 14 % of contexts: she is perceived as an enigma (probably, "a mysterious Ukrainian soul" is, first of all, a female soul), as a miracle ("how it is possible to lose such a miracle as our Ukrainian women"), exclusiveness (" women and girls from Ukraine are the finest women of the world ", "there is no place in the world with such amount of beautiful women",etc.).

Share of other qualities selected by the Ukrainians is much more smaller. So, the intellectual sphere occupies only 6 % and it is easy to explain as men cannot put the mental abilities of women on the same level with theirs (as it is saying: "the characteristic feature of Ukrainian female’s logic is no logic at all"). Among other characteristic features we can admit courage (6 %), popularity among the men (6 %), female’s destiny (or what is called "a female’s fate) - 4 % and a pragmatism - 4 %. Let’s notice, that in this sample negative traits and bed behavior are almoust absent. It does not mean, that men idealize beautiful Ukrainian women, the matter is that the Ukrainian men are used to discuss the women in general, not only the Ukraine or Russian women, therefore a great number of statements have not got to sample.

By Oleg Georgievskiy, Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Ukrainian women

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