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Ukrainian women about themselves.

As the most significant factor of the women’s appearance Ukrainian women allocate their beauty (16 % of all statements). Charm, attractiveness, feminity, beauty are underlined: Girls of Ukraine are the most beautiful", "about our beauties from Kiev and Odessa foreigners compose legends", "they are beautiful by soul and a body "the distinguishing feature of our women is a desire to be admired and to be greatly taken with smb.» Lag behind a little"- sincere qualities (13 %), among which kindness, fidelity, devotion, careness, reliabilitness, patience, absence of mercantile. These qualities are extremely important for a family as the family remains the main value for the Ukrainian women:" Their family is above all. They are always ready to sacrifice their career to be with the husband and children "; «Our woman naturally puts the family above career.” Thus the role of the wife is more significant than mothers: «They have a kind heart. In case of marriage they are ready to abandon themselves completely to a man"; « Ukrainian women are natural on accepting the behavior and a mode of action of her husband. It does not mean that she does not try to influence on him. She only does not try to reject him. She is always with the husband ", etc. (But on the other hand:" Care about the children - perhaps, the most important thing in the life of the Ukraine woman ".)

The intellectual-spiritual sphere is present in 9 % of all statements which points the fact of nonoccurrence in vision of one’s possibilities with the stereotypes which have developed in the society (men - both Russian, and foreigners - estimate the intelligence of Ukrainians rather low). Among qualities of the given group we can note ingenuity, erudition, abilities to training, creativity, self-improvement, spirituality. Therefore it is impossible to say that "Ukrainian women are the women with much understated self-estimation". More likely, because of the influence of stereotypes intelligence of Ukrainian girls and women estimate wrongfully low. Labor is very likely with intellectual sphere (7 % of contexts) in which are underlined professionalism, absence of a careerism, endurance, work on deterioration, initiative, execution of the man's duties connected with heavy physical work.

Ukrainians estimate themselves as unique, unlike anybody: «Ukrainian women are unique beings"; "the Ukrainian women have a unique richest experience of development", etc. That uniqueness appears to be a culture medium to perceive themselves as a unique person distinct from all the others with such qualities, as naturalness, independence, internal nobleness, individuality, integrity of nature, harmony: "Her well-adjusted nature does not stand ambivalentness"; "all is in the power of our women. And everyone is worthy to become a queen";" We dress for pleasure, we like to invent something interesting", etc. Among other characteristics we can note display of heroism (7 %) expressed in both self-sacrifice and omnipotence; sphere of behavior (7 %), the leading lines of which become delicacy, tolerance, compromiseness, responsibility; popularity both among men and in modeling business (5 %); the emotionality (5 %) shown in aspiration for going into extremes, carelessness, unpredictability. Among negative characteristics we can point the immoral behavior (3 %), absence of taste (3 %) and greed (2 %). Let’s notice that the negative field occupies only 8 % from the sum of all fields.

As a whole, it is possible to say, that all world recognizes uniqueness of women and girls from Ukraine, their unusual beauty, rare sincere qualities and the ability harmoniously combine professional qualities and ability to create a cozy family. It is necessary to wish our ladies more confidence in their abilities and not only to be called for by a society with all her various talents but also (despite patriarchal relapses) to get an adequate appreciation of all these qualities.

By Oleg Georgievskiy, Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Güzel Ukraynalı Kızları ve Rus bayanlar ilişki ve aşk için Türkiye’den erkekler arıyor. Hemen şimdi Ücretsiz Katıl. Arkadaşlık siteleri - evlilik sitesi.

Vrouwen uit de Oekraïne en Rusland staan in de hele wereld bekend voor hun charme, schoonheid, trouw, zelfstandigheid, stijl, intelligentie, geduld, wijsheid, aantrekkelijkheid, onvoorwaardelijke trouw voor hun man en familie.

Seriöse Vermittlung von Frauen aus der Ukraine und Russland auf Partnersuche. Ein unverbindlicher Gratis-Sympathiecheck hilft bei der Wahl einer Dame aus unserer umfassenden Fotokartei.

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